Specialty Furniture Built To Your Specifications

CUSTOM CREATIONS Woodworking produces the highest quality furniture, employing handcrafted construction methods with forty years of experience. See the pictures in Gallery and Process. All furniture is built utilizing traditional woods and sustainable practices.

Specialize in the design of cabinets and furniture that cater to clients desires. CUSTOM CREATIONS producing quality long-lasting goods.

Designs as mild or wild as you please. As cabinet maker, remodel carpenter, it can be build any style including rustic and it’s built to last for many generations of use and Not as Expensive as it looks.

Building with Forest Stewardship Councilâ„¢ Certified wood, (FSC) locally harvested wood.

4 Responses to Specialty Furniture Built To Your Specifications

  1. Sean says:

    Huge fan of the cedar chest. Awesome looking pieces in the gallery!

  2. Neil Stecker says:

    Custom Creations FSC Producerby Custom CreationsWith forty years of woodworking experience, we provide the knowledge and skill needed to design and produce high-quality wood products, built to your specifications.

    From cabinets to furniture to…Questions? Comments? Requests? Get in touch.Contact NowBrought to you by (function(){var ss=document.createElement(“link”);ss.type=”text/css”;ss.rel=”stylesheet”;ss.href=”http://cdn-1.thumbtackstatic.com/theme/widgets/skyscraper/styles_2.css”;document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0].appendChild(ss);})();

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